I might know a thing or two about this. Lol I should make a podcast about it! @GlobalbobShow
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@Clechuck @it4sec That's not me. All @brvarner

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Russia has rerouted internet traffic in the occupied Ukrainian region of Kherson through Russian communications infrastructure leaving services subject to Russian regulations, surveillance, and censorship, per internet monitor @netblocks.

📰 @Reuters

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"GitHub is currently working to identify and notify all of the known-affected victim users and organizations." twitter.com/GitHubSecurity/sta

Russia’s encrypted military phones aren’t working. So they’ve resorted to stealing phones from Ukrainians. foreignpolicy.com/2022/03/22/u

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⚠️ Confirmed: Real-time network data show Sri Lanka has imposed a nationwide social media blackout, restricting access to platforms including Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Instagram as emergency is declared amid widespread protests.

📰 Report: netblocks.org/reports/social-m

Looks like I will be going to the moon! Anyone else going?

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Trying to receive some 250 MHz military satellites as well, signal isn't bad considering I have no amplifier or filter for this band.
A lot of digi and voice traffic but nothing unusual stands out at the moment.

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Shortly after its NVD publication, NorthStar's Vulnerability Prediction Engine has shown daily that it is highly probable CVE-2021-20837 has already been or will be exploited in the wild, in the future.

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HOW TO: Monitor Russian C-band communications with simple equipment:
1 - SDR (anything with L-band capability)
2 - Cheap LNB (Titanium C1W-PLL)
3 - Simple horn antenna...

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⚠️ Confirmed: Internet connectivity on provider Volia in in south Ukraine has collapsed; real-time metrics show connectivity at 2% of pre-war levels; provider reports outages due to power cuts, which come amid anti-occupation protests

📰 netblocks.org/reports/internet

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America stands united with the people of Ukraine in their fight for freedom and against oppression.

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Hackers Provide Livestream Of Dozens Of Cameras Inside Russia packetstormsecurity.com/news/v

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Ongoing mass scanning activity detected from (🇷🇺) targeting Fortinet VPN servers vulnerable to unauthenticated arbitrary file read (CVE-2018-13379) leading to disclosure of usernames and passwords in plaintext.

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The deepfakes have arrived.

"Ukraine 24 posted a warning that its broadcast and website were hacked. Adding to the chaos is a deepfake video of Zelenskyy appearing to tell Ukrainians to surrender began to go viral online at the same time." — @samleecole


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ℹ️ Update: Satellite operator Viasat's KA-SAT network in Europe remains heavily impacted 18 days after it was targeted by an apparent cyberattack, one of several incidents observed as Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine on the morning of 24 Feb 🛰

📰 netblocks.org/reports/internet

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